Monday, May 1, 2017

4 Treats for the Sweetest Moms

Nothing beats your mother's home cooking and baking, so why don't you surprise her with some home baking of your own for your special Mother's Day dinner? If you and your mom both enjoy baking, you could even try out these dessert recipes for some quality family time. Here are five heartwarming Mother's Day dessert ideas.

Pink Swirled Chocolate Lollipops

Who doesn't love candy treats, especially chocolate lollipops? This chocolate mold makes it easy to make quick and simple yet adorable Mother's Day chocolate lollipops. The mold will imprint "Happy Mother's Day" on the center of the lollipop to ensure you let mom know how much you appreciate her.

Materials Needed:
White Chocolate Chips
Red Food Coloring
Happy Mother's Day Lollipop Mold
Two Microwave-Safe Bowls
Butter, Oil or Nonstick Spray
Lollipop Sticks

1. Coat the candy mold using your preferred method to prevent sticking. You can use a light coating of butter, oil or nonstick spray. Place the lollipop sticks in the mold.
2. Divide the white chocolate chips into two microwave-safe bowls. Place the bowls in the microwave so that the chips melt. You might have to melt them in short ten-second intervals.
3. In one of the bowls, add one or two drops of red food coloring to achieve the desired pink color. Leave the other bowl white.
4. With a spoon, pour half pink chocolate and half white chocolate into each mold. Using a toothpick or the end of the spoon, delicately swirl the colors together to achieve a marbled effect.
5. Let the molds harden before popping the lollipops out.

Mother's Day Rice Krispies Treats

One of the sweetest and easiest desserts to make is Rice Krispies Treats. You can even press the soft Rice Krispies mix into some molds to achieve a desired Mother's Day look. Here is a handy heart-shaped Mother's Day mold with "Mom" written across it.

Materials Needed:
2 Tbsp. Butter
Rice Krispies Cereal
1 Bag of Mini Marshmallows
Heart Mom Mold
Nonstick Spray
Cookie Sheet

1. In a pan, melt butter.
2. Add in mini marshmallows and melt them into the butter.
3. Add cereal to the melted mixture until evenly distributed.
4. Coat the mold with nonstick spray and press the soft Rice Krispies mixture into the mold.
5. Pop the molded Rice Krispies Treat onto a cookie sheet and repeat the process until mixture is completely used up.

Mom's Sugar Cookies

Nothing shows appreciation for someone like homemade sugar cookies. You can personalize your sugar cookies for Mother's Day with simple "M" and "O" shaped cookie cutters.

Materials Needed:
Desired Sugar Cookie Dough or Mix
M-Shaped Cookie Cutter
O-Shaped Cookie Cutter
Cookie Sheet
(Optional) Frosting or Melted Chocolate

1. Using your desired sugar cookie dough or mix, spread the dough using a rolling pin to create a thin sheet.
2. Using the M and O cookie cutters, cut out the letters "MOM" from the sheet of cookie dough.
3. Place the cookies onto a cookie sheet or tray.
4. Place the cookies into the oven until they are fully baked. Let cool before taking cookies off the tray.
5. If desired, decorate the tops of the cookies using melted chocolate or frosting.

Chocolate Rose Truffles

Give your mom the gift of roses this Mother's Day, but give her ones she can actually eat using this neat rose-shaped candy mold. The great part about this recipe is that you can fill the chocolate truffles with your mother's favorite filling.

Rose Candy Silicone Mold
Chocolate Chips
Favorite Filling or Ganache
Microwave-Safe Bowl

1. Add chocolate chips to a microwave-safe bowl and heat in the microwave until melted. You might need to heat them in ten-second intervals.
2. Using a spoon, scoop a little bit of chocolate into each rose mold, but not enough to fill them.
3. Swirl the chocolate around to cover the edges of the rose molds, leaving a cavity in the center.
4. Once the sides of the chocolate have hardened just enough, place your desired filling or ganache into the cavity.
5. Cover the tops of the mold with chocolate so that the filling or ganache isn't exposed.
6. Wait until chocolate has completely hardened before popping the truffles out of the mold. The silicone mold makes it easy to remove them, so the nonstick spray is not needed.