Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Your Choice of Cookie Defines You

So what does your preference of cookie say about you?
Cookies are a thing of beauty. From the humble oatmeal raisin to the sophisticated macaron, and of course, to the classic chocolate chip, the wonderful world of cookies knows no bounds. Cookies with milk, cookies for an ice cream sandwich, cookies on their own... the ways to eat a cookie are as numerous as the kinds of cookies out there.

With so much to choose from, you likely have a favorite cookie, or at least a go-to, and your pick probably says more about you than you think. Are you traditional and go for what you know, or are you bold and even a little sassy? Find out what your favorite cookie says about you.
Oatmeal Raisin
You’re traditional and even a bit old-fashioned. You’re not overly adventurous, and prefer to cozy up with a book in front of the fire instead of brave the elements for a good time.

You’re a little tough, or at least you seem that way to people who don’t know you well. If they took the time to get to know you, they’d see that you’re a big softy when you want to be.

You’re chic, you’re sophisticated, you’re pretty fabulous and you kind of know it. You look good in everything, no matter occasion.

You’re needlessly modest, and no one knows why. Everyone loves you, because you’re absolutely adorable and perfectly understand.

You’re playful and fun and can hang out with anyone. You’re always up for anything. And you can’t resist that rich creamy middle!

You’re sassy and a bit of a wild card. You’re not afraid to tell people what you think and definitely not afraid to stand up for yourself. You’re bold, a little kooky, but you can also be really sweet.

Black and White Cookie
You’re a New Yorker. Fuhhgeddaboutit

Peanut Butter Cookie
You’re very intelligent but also very disarming. You work well under pressure and handle crises with patience and composure.

 Rainbow Cookie
You can be quite polarizing – some people love you, but some people hate you. Mostly, you’re just misunderstood, which is unfortunate, because you’re just trying to have a little fun!

You’re quiet and sometimes you may feel like people don’t notice you. You’re not under-appreciated, however. You’re wonderful and everybody knows it. People will always come back to you.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

You’re as close to perfection as someone can get. Few people can hold a candle to you. You’re loved by everyone because you’re classic and you know not to mess with a good thing.

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