Friday, May 11, 2018

5 Must Haves to Host the Perfect Graduation Party

There’s nothing more special than celebrating years and years of hard work. Whether you’re hosting a graduation for high school, college, or even grad school, there’s no question that this is a pretty big deal. However, when it comes to decorating for a grad party, it can be hard to gather up the perfect decorations to make this party as special as the event it’s celebrating. If you’re new to decorating game, here’s a few essential yet simple things that can make your grad party one for the books:


If you really want people to know what you’re celebrating, decorating your party with big balloons announcing your graduation year or even just emphasizing your color theme is an easy way to make your party qu
ite literally pop. Not only are they fun and colorful, but they can also fill up a lot of extra empty space that would otherwise just be a waste. Even if they’re not filled with helium, simply decorating your floor with an array of colorful balloons will add a little something extra to your party décor.

Balloons are the perfect addition to any party because they can also be used for props in photo booths and games. Whether they’re being thrown in photos or even just used as a cute background, balloons are inexpensive and fun to set up. No matter what you plan to use them for, you won’t regret adding these fun additions to your party!

Finger foods and desserts

When it comes to throwing a real party, there’s one thing that can make sure people have the time of their lives. Having the right finger foods and desserts are a sure fire way to make even the most boring party into one that’s bound to be remembered.  Not only are they delicious to eat, but finger foods and desserts are also a great way to incorporate even more graduation decorations and emphasize the celebration in a cute and delicious way.

Whether you’re looking to decorate small sandwiches or a big cake, you can easy embellish each treat with an adorable graduation topper. These are perfect because they are so simple to use and make the treat so adorable that they’re bound to end up on a million snapchat stories making your party the talk of the town.

If you’re looking to be a little fancier with your sweet treats, you can even frost your cupcakes, cookies, or cake with graduation decorations of your own. Whether you want to write a nice message or just some decorative patterns, these baked goods are the perfect way to add a little more flare into your party.

Photo booths

Was there even a party if you didn’t get a decent picture? Although parties are fun in the moment, graduation parties are all about the memories that are made before you and your friends go off into your next big step in life. Commemorating the memories that were made in the previous years of school is the essence of the whole graduation celebration and you want to make sure that you provide the perfect setting to do so. Creating a cute and aesthetic photo booth where your guests can take mementos of this important celebration is a great way to allow guests to take a token of their
memories with them.

When making the photo booth, you want to make sure that there is more than just a cute background.  Incorporating graduation themes and props into your photo booth is essential to making sure it’s a successful one. Furthermore, placement of the photo booth is just as important as the booth itself.  You want to ensure that you have good lighting and no interfering objects that could get in the way of your guests’ perfect picture. With all these in mind, your guests’ are sure to achieve their ideal picture perfect moment!


Although mingling and catching up with all of your friends and classmates can be fun for a while, there’s only so much small talk that even the chattiest person can handle. If you want to ensure that your party doesn’t die down too quickly, it’s nice to organize a few party games that your guests can enjoy. Not only will this take away the inevitable awkwardness, but it’s a great way to spend time with everyone and ensure that no one feels left out. Group games are a great way to bond with your guests and create lasting memories that are sure to make your party one that will be remembered.

However, one of the key things to organizing party games is to make sure that they are fairly simple while still being loads of fun. We all know how hard it can be to hold the attention of a huge group of people whilst trying to explain a complicated game. For example, twists on childhood games such as apple bobbing or pin the tail can be funny and exciting for your guests. Although you’re celebrating growing up, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun like a kid!

Goodie bags

No one likes to leave a party a party empty-handed, even adults. No matter how old your guests are, it’s always nice to leave your guests with a nice little thank you gift for attending your celebration. Although they should be nicely packaged, they don’t have to be anything too extravagant like flat screen TVs and diamond rings. Small gifts such as cake pops, cookies, decorative chocolate, and other graduation themed baked goods can still make the perfect goodie bag.

One of the easiest and cutest ideas that we recommend is to make decorative chocolate candy pops! These are not only absolutely delicious, but they can be decorated and molded anyway you want with absolute ease. By simply using premade chocolate molds, you can create intricate designs and finish them off with a simple plastic bag and bow. Now that’s definitely going to end up on Instagram.

Whether you’ve been planning parties for years, months, or even a couple hours, there’s no question that graduation parties can provide a whole new set of challenges for even the party planning pros. With a celebration as grand as this one, there’s so much competition to make your party the best. However, even if you’re party can’t provide elephant rides and Ferris wheels, you’re sure to capture the real essence of the celebration with these tips!

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