Monday, July 2, 2018

3 Fun Party Themes To Try

When it comes to throwing the ultimate party, there’s no question that modern party-goers can be a pretty tough crowd to please. Nowadays, it seems like throwing just an ordinary party with plenty of food, drinks and games simply doesn’t cut it. With so many holidays and events to celebrate, throwing themed parties is all the rage to prevent the possibility of having another boring party. We know: Even with so many themes to choose from, it can still be hard to be original and creative. If you’re looking for a fun, easy way to spice up your next party, here are some themes that are sure to keep it going all night long:


Although it may seem like a theme that is best for kids, the truth is that circus/carnival themes can be perfect for guests of all ages. Depending on how you go about organizing games, events and decorations, the carnival theme can make any party that much more exciting. Since there are so many different aspects of circus/carnival culture, you have plenty of room to make it your own while still having a clear direction. 
When deciding what kind of decorations you should go for, it’s important to take into consideration who your guests are going to be. If it’s a younger crowd, you can throw in things like ticket booths, balloons, tents, and lots and lots of animals. However, if you’re looking at pleasing an older crowd, you can use red and white curtains, striped backgrounds and anything that resembles the experience of an actual circus show. 

Food & Snacks
  • Popcorn baskets
  • Mini hamburgers
  • Curly fries in cones
  • Cotton candy
  • Fruit cups/parfaits
  • Lollipops
  • Candy apples
  • Apple bobbing
  • Ring toss
  • Balloon darts
  • Can toss
  • Photo booths with props/cut-outs
  • Rubber duck pond
  • Face painting

Paint Party

No matter how old you are, everyone loves to paint. Painting is a great theme because it can be turned into an elegant get-together with wine or it can be a wild party with fingerpainting. Whatever age group your guests are, painting is a unique way to not only get them talking to one another but also to get them to relax after a hard day’s work. For kids, it’s a great way to get their creative juices flowing while also giving them the freedom to express themselves in a new and unique way. 

If you’re looking to go for the classy wine-tasting paint party, decorations can include anything from fancy dishware and intricate tablecloths to paint in mason jars or even easels set up in rows. If you’re going for a kid’s paint party theme, you can set up with squirt bottles of paint, colorful aprons, painted balloons and much more. The best part about decorating for this theme is that you get to be creative because, well, that’s all part of the look!

Food & Snacks
  • Cookies painted as paint trays
  • Paint brush cake pops
  • Paint tray fruit plates
  • Colorful mini sandwiches
  • Splatter paint cupcakes
  • Fruit kabobs on paintbrushes
  • Pretzel sticks with icing

  • Painting with a twist (wine & paint)
  • Finger painting
  • Pottery painting
  • Apron decorating
  • Balloon paint darts
  • Paint fights with condiment bottles of paint

Murder Mystery 

While this is a classic, it doesn’t take away from the fact that murder mystery parties have become all the rage. Whether you want to do a murder mystery or just a Sherlock Holmes mystery to solve any crime, this interactive theme is sure to keep your guests constantly on their toes. Not only is it a great group game, but it also brings out a little competition in your guests. You’ll be able to have a great time setting up this mystery game because you can have the power to be as creative as you want with the case. 

With such a fun theme to decorate for, there’s no limit to the things you can do to give your party the ultimate crime-solving vibe. For this particular theme, you probably want to stick to more ominous colors, such as black, red or gray. You can even stick with an all black and white theme to mimic those classic crime-solving shows that were aired without color. For a theme like this, we would recommend decorations and favors such as caution tape, masquerade masks, eerie candles, mugshot photo booths and really anything that screams mystery!

Food & Drinks
  • Blood red punch
  • Question mark cookies
  • Smoky cocktails
  • Any small finger foods
  • Eyeglass cupcakes
  • Envelope rice krispies
  • Bloody cake

Games & Activities:
The best part about this theme is that the activity is part of the theme. When setting up for this murder mystery, it’s up to you how hard you want to make the game. You can make it so they need to figure out the person, place and method, or you can just do a simple “who done it?” The important part about setting up for this game is to make sure to have plenty of clues and fake clues to make it a bit of a challenge. You want to make sure there is one clear answer but one that isn’t too obvious. Extreme detail is key!

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