Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spring’s a Time of Change

With the Change of the Season, Weddings are in Full Bloom

We all know that there are plenty of things to plan and take care of when the Day of the Nuptials is at hand. And there is no better way to make that special day as memorable as the quality of the Sweet Accents those attending receive. From the Bride, to the Wedding Planner and the Caterer,  Sweet Treat Supply has in stock what you are in need of.

The many ways you can present the sweet treats of your special day. Here are a few suggestions:
  •  A Pie Bar – If you’re envisioning a less formal affair, then trade a tiered cake for the array of pies. From apple to chocolate cream, there’s sure to be something to please everyone with this crowd-pleasing idea.
  •  Macarons – These delicate French confections are refined, oh so tasty, and can come in your wedding colors to boot!
  • Frozen Yogurt with toppings – Have the cold delights while satisfying the sweet tooth in all who attend your special day.
  • Ol’ Fashioned Candy Bar – There’s no sweeter way to thank your guests than sending them home with a bag full of their favorite candy.
  • Bake “Sale” Buffet – You may feel like a grown but that doesn’t mean you aren’t still a kid at heart, Set up a dessert bar complete with cookies, brownies, and every type of sweets you can think of.

The chocolates left on the reception table to the liquid chocolate fountain for dipping, even the colorful icing on the reception cakes all can be had from our shopping cart today. Don’t leave anything to chance when that once-in-a-lifetime event for the bride and groom.

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