Tuesday, May 13, 2014

High School Graduations with Something Special

Getting the Sweets Right for that Special Day.

More and more, there are big bashes and party gatherings for high school students to come to for their graduation day, to provide a great (and safe) place to celebrate getting done with high school. For those teenagers in your neighborhood, church group or clubs it is a wise choice to bring them in to get their “game on” without the entire negative that could happen. If it is your own son or daughter or those in your school, it is important to get it right to help them party through the night the right way!

It’s All About the Colors
One of the most crucial aspects of this is to get the school’s colors well represented. This doesn’t just include the decorations but also what is available to munch on as well. Pre-planning to get chocolates in the colors of their now alma mater, to the cookies, cakes, pies and more can help the festivities move along beautifully.

Variety Can Help Too
Once you have the colors done right, the sky’s the limit in what you can provide from the drinks, to the take-away chocolates, and gift bags you can express your imagination and sweets prowress. Suckers (all-day or minis) Cupcakes with school colors frosting, Cookies of the same colors, even homemade Ice Cream with all the toppings can get them coming over and enjoying all that is there.

Don’t Mind If I Go Fancy
With all the chips, veggies and fruit they can serve to be dipped! Fondue cheeses, Liquid Chocolate fountains, and dips of all sorts are recommended for a party this “serious” Just watch out for the chocolate food fights!

Again as you get this to your now-graduated child and his large circle of friends you can bring in the new life’s accomplishment with the fun and excitement it deserves. Get planning now, and watch it come together for a memorable time.

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